Today I went to another birthday party for a little kid. She just turned 5 years old. The food was great - some kind of marinated beef, rice, and homemade corn tortillas. The cake was out of this world. It was a very moist layer cake with slices of peaches in the middle of the layers. The icing was whipped and not very sweet. Anyways, after I left there, I checked my Ravelry account and received a message from one of my groups - Friends with Yarn, to join an April swap. This is new for me, but I decided that I would do it. Plus, I saw one of my friends from the traveling scarf group in that swap, so it made me more willing to try this. The moderator is requesting 12 participants by tomorrow and right now there are only 7, so if you're interested, please join. The theme is "Spring."

I looked at the March swap and saw that when you swap you can purchase or make things that fit with the theme, but there is a limit to the amount you can spend. I decided that I will go ahead and try and make something now that way I can fulfill my need to crochet each day and I can be working towards this swap. I found a new pattern for a skinny scarf and I looked at my yarn stash and saw that lavender Caron's Simply Soft yarn calling my name, so I had to choose it. I have 30 inches done already, but now it is time for me to go to bed.

I don't have any pictures for today, but I promise to post some later unless of course one of you decides to participate in this swap and you end up being my partner, then I can't spoil the surprise.

Good night! :-)


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