So This Is What Happened

I set my goal for tonight in order for me to be able to crochet. And this is how it's going so far.
  1. I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes (trying to get back to my jogging that I started last summer).
  2. Washed the dishes.
  3. Cleaned the bathroom. Oh it smells so nice - all lemony!
  4. Straightened up my room.
  5. Started doing the invitations. The printer got crazy, but it still works and I got some done.
  6. Browsed on Flickr.
  7. Cooked rice to go with my dinner.
By the time I was ready to eat, my t.v. show was on, so I spent that time eating and watching the episode, which by the way wasn't the season finale. Apparently that's next Monday. :-) After I ate, I crocheted a little and then made myself go back to the computer and finish printing those envelopes to go with the invitations.

Now that the invitations are all done, I will get ready for work tomorrow and for bed and then I'll crochet some more. So far the second piece of the poncho is 7 1/2 inches long, so I only have 9 1/2 inches left to go. Then I can assemble and embellish it, but I won't get ahead of myself.


  1. You are on track!
    On this end, not much time to crochet... but for a good reason.
    Thank goodness for my iPhone, that is how I can still browse the internet when I watching the baby try to fall asleep... hehe
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  2. To me, crocheting is meant to be done while watching TV. It makes me feel like I'm using my time on the couch wisely!


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