So I Started on the Traveling Scarf....

My crochet time tonight was spent adding on to the traveling scarf (instead of making the flower pin - I'd forgotten about the scarf). Anyways, I found this cool stitch online and wanted to try it. The scarf has 26 stitches, but the pattern is based on 28 and I thought I could modify it to make it fit. I think one of the problems is that the yarn that I'm attaching to is made of viscose and it draws tight and the other is that I'm not able to modify these stitches with my yarn choice to make the scarf not look like it's stretching out of proportion. Tomorrow I'll look into trying a different stitch that is really for 26 stitches - I'll check my stitch book.

Here's what I had. I think I'll use this stitch on something else later. I'll put it in the "file." :-)

Good night!


  1. Libby, I am not quite a newbie because I have been crocheting for 3 years however; I would not call myself experienced in the world of crochet so this is why I ask you what is this traveling scarf you started?

    Last night I was working on a black skinny scarf with the flo and blo and dbc for my sons girlfriend. I bought these cool vogue buttons to sew onto it...

  2. Love the colors in the pic and the stitches look great! I can't add anymore projects to my list! Maybe one day I will try to squeeze something like this into my list. :)

    Have a nice day Libby!!


  3. The traveling scarf is a project in one of my Flickr groups. There are 8 people participating. We each started a scarf for ourselves that is 8 inches long. Then we started a little journal to explain why we chose the stitch and yarn and maybe a little bit about what we like in terms of colors. We mailed both items to the next name on the list underneath our name. On the first of the month, everyone mails their scarves. So, in 8 months from our start date, each one of us will receive our scarf back and it will have been crocheted or knitted on by every member in the group. Plus you'll have your journal with each person's comments. So, that is what the traveling scarf is. The one I'm working on now will go to someone in PA. I always receive my next scarf from a lady in Switzerland, and I always mail mine to a lady in Ohio.

    I'll repost this on your blog in case you don't check back here. :-)

  4. Thanks Alessandra, but I had to take those stitches out. Now I'm working with a series of popcorn stitches.

    Kar, I don't think I'll add any more projects either. This is enough. :-)


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