Slightly Disappointed

Remember when I ordered that box of yarn? I don't regret it because I believe that I have some fabulous yarn. Here's my disappointment though. Last night I finished the crocheting part of the Coastal Granny Square afghan and I was so excited to finally get started on that cream colored baby poncho. That was one of the main reasons that I ordered the box of yarn. The supply in the one store we have here doesn't carry any yarn of that color that is for babies.

I've only worked with a few brands of yarn so I am inexperienced to say the least. I ordered the Lamb colored Vanna Baby yarn because it was the perfect shade of cream. Now that I'm working with it, I realize that it it too thick for a spring poncho! Oh, no! I remember seeing a similar color may by Caron's Simply Soft and now I regret not also ordering that yarn. Now what? Today I will continue making the poncho with the Vanna Baby yarn, but I know that it will be unsuitable for the customer. I can't go out of town because the last time I did (to the nearest store in the neighboring county) their supply wasn't even that great and it was at Michael's. I know that I will find the yarn in the appropriate time for Easter, but I'm just a little disappointed not to be working on it like I had planned. But like I said, I will continue to crochet with this yarn, but I'll definitely consider other projects with the other colors I purchased.

See how plans change? :-)

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  1. That's my problem about buying online. You can feel the yarn, you don't know if it's good for your project :-(
    At least it is still usable yarn and you are a crochet freak who will be finding a good use for every skein ;-)


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