Sizing Heads

Today at work I had a few minutes to measure my kids' heads to see what beanie size would be appropriate for them. The good news is is that out of all the kids who want a beanie, one of them needs the small beanie (which is created by following the directions exactly), all the rest except for two others need the medium beanie (which is created by adding one extra row in the middle of the pattern). Now my challenge is to create a beanie for those other two kids that have larger heads. I'll study the pattern more to see what the sequence is for making a wider crown. I think I'll also have those two kids try the hat on as I make it. That will probably be safest.

You know the teacher in me is going to create some fancy word problems surrounding these beanies:

Ms. H can make one beanie in one hour, but she will not make
more than two beanies a day. How many days will it take Ms. H
to create enough beanies for the students who have requested them?

Qs. 1: What is the relevant information?
Qs. 2: What is the irrelevant information?
Qs. 3: Is there enough information to solve this problem?
If not, what additional information is needed to solve this problem?

Ok, it's officially the weekend. My teacher hat is off (temporarily because I still have lesson plans to do for next week). It's time to clean the house and then relax....after I finish eating this delicious Chinese food. Yum. Yum.

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  1. Hey Libby! Thanks for stopping by today! :) Thanks for the sweet comment about my Dad. The two of us were close and so I still have my moments. :)

    I can't wait to finish the last two rows and the edging on the ripple this weekend so that I can get going on the bag I want to make with all that pretty cotton yarn I got. The pattern is on Lucy's blog (Attic24). I've got her link on my blog. It's really cute! I've got ant's in my pants. :)

    I used Vanna Baby before. It isn't bad but I'm not sure I would use it on big projects. The one thing I did like was that it seemed softer than some of the other acrylics out there. I guess that is better than scratchy.

    And yes, I do homeschool my girls. We had big problems with the school keeping up with Em and she was being bullied by a very mean little girl and the school didn't a thing about it. So after nearly 1 1/2 yrs. of dealing with all of this, we took Em out and we are handling all of the schooling. The school also had problems with keeping her going with reading being she was in 3rd gr. and reading at an 8 grade level. So we figure if anyone is going to "mess" Em up, it might as well be us. :)

    Sorry for the book. Have a great evening and weekend! :)


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