Running to the Poncho!

Thanks for your understanding comments on yesterday's post. :-) Today, interestingly enough, my work day was sort of crazed and you know what.....I was so glad to get my hands on that poncho! I carry my crochet bag almost everywhere, you know, just in case you have to wait somewhere terribly long or maybe not even that long, but you want to craft while you wait. Thankfully I had my crochet bag with me today when I remembered that I needed to get my allergy shots. (Yes, folks, I "discovered" that I had year-round allergies since I've been teaching and now I get two allergy shots every two weeks. Thank goodness for the PPO. So you southwesterners be thankful. When I went to New Mexico it was glorious - no allergies.)

Anyways, getting back on subject, I went to get my allergy shots today and had to wait probably 15 or 20 minutes in the doctor's office so I pulled out that poncho and it was so welcomed in my hands. I feel like today will be "hump day" - the day when I cross that magical threshold and get that burst of energy that pushes me to finish this project soon; not because I want to be finished with it, but because I enjoy working on it every chance I get.

Right now I'm sipping on some hot peppermint tea (oh, that's some good, relaxing tea) and listening to a good, uplifting gospel cd. I've told myself that AFTER I finish cleaning the kitchen and finish up the invitations to the upcoming Beta Club induction ceremony that I can crochet. I think tonight is the season finale for that show "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." I don't know why I watch that show, but I do. At any rate, I'm looking forward to it!

So folks, that's my day so far.


  1. it's always rewarding to finish up a project, isn't it?
    I love tea, my favorite is Anise, I drink it all the time... so cozy and warm.
    Hope your season finally was good.
    Take care.


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