My Part is Complete!

Today in the car, I completed my portion of this traveling scarf that began its journey in PA. I finally settled on this popcorn stitch pattern, after having taken out my stitches about four times trying to find the perfect match. I can see how this project is beneficial in increasing your skill because you have to learn how to stitch behind someone else, which isn't all that easy because everyone has a different tension. Also, you have to do your best to match yarns and colors and patterns that won't clash. The funniest thing is that my best contribution will probably be on my own scarf that I will receive last because by then I will have learned more skill! If only I could go back and fix that first traveling scarf. Humm....

Well, on this scarf, the first person did a "grit" stitch, the second person used the "diamond" stitch, and I used the "popcorn" stitch. The color I chose was "natural" from Caron's Simply Soft.

After I finished mine, I bordered it with scs on both sides to make the edging look more finished. (The real truth is that I wanted to cover up some mistakes. hee hee hee). Shhhh, don't tell. Here's my part at the top:

I am excited to get this scarf in the mail so that it can go to the next person in OH. Then I will patiently wait for the next scarf to come to me from Switzerland in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I will catch up on some other crafting projects (especially now that I've finally filed my taxes). Whooo hooo!!!


  1. once again I wish I was taking part of the traveling scarf thing... it sounds so fun.

  2. I like the stitch you used for this scarf and can't wait to see what are you doing with the next one! By the way, do you know where's your own scarf now?

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Alessandra, Yes, it would have been lovely to have you on board, but Lucas is #1 priority. :-) Maybe we can do something like this later.

    Alhana: Thank you! My scarf should be on its way to Arizona. So far it's been in North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas. :-)

  4. LOL! I'm joining here with Alessandra in wishing I was in this traveling scarf... swap? could we call it that? it is, sort of, right? or like a round robin, except it's not round, and it is not a robin-I mean a quilt but a scarf and...

    I think I'll shut my trap now! lol! gotta go have some coffee... can't seem to wake my brain up by itself.

    Thanks for your comments! I looked the bag up and I am planning one now, but the squares I'm making are going to be blankets for my daugthers... :D thanks for the idea of the bag!


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