Monday's Fruity Goodness

I haven't done much crafting today. I did manage to put a few more rows onto that scarf I'm working on for the April swap. Ran some errands. Getting prepared for this boating field trip this Thursday - it's an ocean studies trip. Yep, just got my Dramamine patch. :-) Cooked some dinner for the week - good old liver and onions in gravy. I also bought a lot of fresh fruit, so if you have some easy recipes (especially for healthy drinks) please post them. I like fruit somewhat but I struggle to eat it like I should. I'm hoping that by making drinks that I can get the proper fruit intake without having to eat all that fruit.

Tonight I modified a recipe and made a strawberry-banana smoothie.

Click on the image to link to the recipe on my Flickr page.

Even though it's just one serving, it's way too much of a serving for me at night. I was just experimenting. My main goal is to have something healthy to drink and eat for breakfast. I'm getting tired of cold cereal on those days that I'm running out of time and I don't like too many sweet things at breakfast either. (I know this is usually the stuff I post on my other blog, but I thought my crafting friends might could help me out!) :-)


  1. Thanks for the encouragement Libby. The girls have had a little sniffle here and there and now it's Mom's turn. But as usual I get it more than the others. How lucky am I. :) At least no one was as sick as a dog this year. That is one good thing about home schooling. The kids stay healthier. YEAH!!!

    I will do some checking in my recipes and see what I can dig up for you for fruity drinks. There has to be something with all that I have around to look at. Notice I said look at. Not that I make everything I find. LOL!!!

    Chat at you later!!! xxxxxx

  2. :D I love fruit smoothies for breakfast!

    The one I make is papaya, yogurt, a bit of honey, a chunk of banana, soy milk, ice ....blend!!!!!! it is yummy!!!!

  3. Hi Libby, looks like your fruity drink turned out yummy. My kids love to make smoothies. They usually start with orange juice, then add vanilla yogurt, frozen strawberries and blueberries. Hope you enjoy! Have a great day! Liz


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