I Couldn't Resist

Ok, I know it's way past my bedtime, but I couldn't resist finishing up this hat. This hat is made from the leftover Bernat Softee Chunky and Softee Chunky Twist yarn I used earlier this year to make that V-stitch scarf and taupe toboggan. Remember? Well, I used the same beanie pattern I've used for the past couple of days to make this hat. I like the roominess of this hat that was created simply by using a chunkier yarn. I also reversed the color pattern for the main color and the change color. It makes for a bigger stripe. This hat definitely won't be a springtime hat where I live, but that's okay. I love the way it pairs with that V-stitch scarf too.

Now I'm done and hope that I can manage these few hours of sleep before going to work in the real morning. Good thing it's Friday! :-)


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