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Today after work I went to Big Lots. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this store, it's a discount closeout store. There are often items there that have been overstocked from other mainline stores like Target, Pier One, etc.

In an effort to get even more organized, especially when I plan to actually sell more of my items, I decided that I would like to make a book of things that I've been making, tallying up the cost per item, you know, really keeping a record. I bought a little cute organizer for keeping receipts in, and a mini scrapbook. It was like $2 or $3 dollars. I even purchased one of those little sales order books to help me keep a record. Ok, I'm not talking about the big book that real stores uses, but the little one that is almost the size of a memo pad.

I did a little grocery shopping, not much though because I try not to buy too much at one time. I don't want to waste - especially produce. After I got settled in, I pulled out my new project and begin working. I've got some more ideas to finetune this little afghan when it is done, but that will require sewing - a skill that I don't really feel like getting into right now. That's a whole other world. Right now I'm sticking to crocheting - I even put my "big girl" camera down for this.

Here's the afghan at this time. I plan to do a little more before going to bed tonight. In the end it will be 31 rows. Right now the square measures at 22" square.

What I want to sew to this afghan will help straighten it out some. I noticed that this type of pattern likes to curl. I keep having to pull each of the triangular parts. But ahh, I know the sewing will fix that in due time. Until then....

*Oh, my friend tried the lacey rose cap on her daughter and she said it was a perfect fit. I can't wait to see the pictures. :-)


  1. Oh my, this has grown!
    I'm familiar with Big Lots and I have found yarn there before!!!

  2. Big Lots is a great store!


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