Friday Night Crafting

After dinner I started working on my plans for next week so that I wouldn't have to do them on Saturday. Really I was trying to justify catching up on the past few weeks of Grey's Anatomy that I've been missing and forgetting to record. The server was down so I was unable to watch those episodes on the Internet, so I ended up watching the last half of one of my favorite movies, "Pride and Prejudice" for the umpteenth time.

While watching the movie and I was able to make a dishcloth from a new pattern I saw online. I think one use of that pattern will be enough for me, although I'm tempted to make the matching potholder from this same pattern so that I will have a matching set. We'll see.

I am thankful for this opportunity to make something totally new, especially since I mailed off the traveling scarf today. I just wish I could have had just one piece of Kar's tasty treats, that she mentioned on her blog today, while I was crocheting. :-)


  1. Love the sunny colors for the dishcloth. Go ahead and make more things with those colors. You can't have too much "sunny". :)

    "Pride & Prejudice" is my FAV too! I could watch it forever!

    You have to try one of the treats! My FAV is the Lemonade Pie! To die for! Especially good with blueberries on it! YUMMO!!!

    Have a great weekend Libby!!!

  2. It made me so happy when I read your message about THE compliment you got on the hat! I'm sure the hat was just an excuse for that person to approach you and say something nice. Anyways, I am hoping you get lots of compliments from special people... ;o)

  3. It looks very nice! I like the combination (by the way, I have the Jennifer Ehle version of P&P... love that particular Mr. Darcy!!!!)

  4. Libby,

    Love the colors of this dishcloth! You might change your mind about this stitch(woven stitch) if you see an afghan in various colors made with this.

    These blankets in the link below actually inspired me to make a baby afghan.

    It's now my current favorite afghan stitch.

    Thanks for sharing.



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