Day 1

When I finally got home, I decided to make today "Day 1" in the 5k jogging plan. So, I have just come in from completing that. It feels like deja vu because I did this plan starting last June 2008, but I can say that I noticed a difference between this time and the last time. It was much easier this time. It felt good to clear my head and I noticed that I was smiling while jogging/walking. It really felt good.

Now I know I should be eating earlier, but I really couldn't help it today. Tonight's dinner is liver and onions, mashed potatoes, and cabbage. I think I'll make a fruit smoothie for dessert. Those strawberries are looking mighty fine. :-)

Nope, couldn't finish this smoothie tonight. Way too much!
Hopefully it will keep at least til tomorrow morning.

Good night! zzzz


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