Craft Friday!

I am all smiles right now because thankfully I was able to complete two projects today. After work, I went to get my hair braided again. The lady that sometimes braids my hair works super fast as a braider. I knew that I would be out of there within two hours, and I was right.

While sitting in the chair, with crochet bag in lap, I completed the second piece of the poncho. I even stitched it together on one seam, but I realized I would have to take it out when I got home. I do my best seaming for the poncho (since it's on an angle) on the coffee table. The hair braider still had a little ways to go so that she could create the fancy bun that I like in the back of my head, so I pulled out a remnant skein of red Red Heart yarn to begin one of the beanie hats that I promised my "kids." I was able to almost make the entire hat. The only thing lacking was the last two rows of scs.

So you can imagine that I was super excited to get home - still in the daylight - with enough energy to complete these projects. I first completed the beanie because I only had a few stitches left. Snapped my pictures, then I was off to finish the poncho. I got sucked into these crazy Lifetime Movie Channel pictures, but I still made sure to work on the poncho. I thought I'd get away with using some of the light pink Softee Baby yarn I had left over from the pink poncho instead of opening the new skein of the Baby Soft, but I didn't have such luck. The Softee yarn is 100% acrylic and the Baby Soft is an acrylic/nylon blend and I didn't think they looked good together. The sheen was different too, so I had to open up that new skein. [Secretly I'd been planning to take back that skein and the extra one I bought in cream and exchange it for some other colors for a future project. Oh well.]

I added the shell edging on the poncho and then looked in my stash for a butterfly pattern. I talked with the customer today and she mentioned that her neice was in love with butterflies. Great, because I didn't want every poncho I made to look exactly the same. I found the pattern I was satisified with and made one butterfly. The smaller ones weren't as cute, so that's why I chose the larger one. Found some leftover pistachio green yarn from my cousin's baby blanket and made some antennaes. So, for now, I'm finished with this poncho. I didn't attach the butterfly yet because I want to ask the customer if she wants it to be a pin or permanently attached.

Thanks for traveling on this poncho journey with me! Now, on to more projects!!! :-)


  1. cute, cute, cute, I think this is the cutest poncho ever, love the butterfly and the edge too!

  2. You amaze me! So many finished projects, such energy to work on them and start new ones. When I'm a grown up I'd like to be like you ;-)

    The butterfly poncho is the cutest ever, as Alessandra said. The more I see it, the more I like it. Green antennae add a beautiful touch to the cream-pink theme.

  3. The poncho is so pretty! My girls thought it was beautiful too! Awesome job! I was curious where you got the pattern for the butterfly. I have two people who now want me to make some for them. :)

    And the cookies were good! I must confess they were just the Pillsbury chocolate chip dough, but still tasty. Today we are making more but we are using a recipe that calls for using a cake mix as the main ingredient. I'll post it my blog later to share with you. :)

    Love the beanie! The kids are just going to love them. Which grade do you teach Libby? And for how long have you taught? Nosy. :)

    Have a FAB weekend dear! :D

  4. Thanks for the link to the butterfly pattern Libby! Yeah! Can't wait to try one out. :)

    I have to say "God bless you dear" for teaching. Especially in this day of age. I used to volunteer in Em's classes alot each week and I would come home frazzled because of how some of the kids behaved, etc. I could not imagine all day long, all week, etc. with 30 or more kids in each class. I am able to homeschool the girls because there is only two and they listen and are very well behaved. Yes, I make them follow "old school southern rules". they know not to make me give them the "eye". And we do "yes ma'am, yes sir".

    Anyhoo, thanks dear again. :) I will post the recipe later today with pics. It is so "easy peasy" as the girls would say! :)


  5. LOVELY!!!!

    I love that poncho!!!! and the beanie!!!! heheh! red is one of my favourite colors!

    I'm so envious! I love to have my hair in tiny braids because it is SO hot in here, but when I do that, my face looks like full moon! :( I need to lose at least 20 more pounds before I attempt it, see if I can find some cheekbones to make the look work!

    Thanks for your comments, Libby. :D


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