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Today (on Saturday - I say this because it will be Sunday by the time I finish this post) I had the opportunity to attend a birthday party for a 8 year old. It was just amazing to observe through my lens the level of fun and interaction small kids have with each other. I don't even think that the kids all knew each other. They didn't all speak the same language, they had different backgrounds, yet they were all having a blast! Maybe we really should learn from some lessons from "our" children.

Before I attended this party, I knew that I wanted to be able to photograph there. The little boy's mom didn't ask me, she just wanted me to be there. But I figured, it would be my gift to them, and I'm glad I brought my camera because I saw very little picture-taking action. I was also glad to have my camera because I've missed it. I've been spending so much time crafting lately that I have forsaken my camera, but now that it's officially spring, I feel in my spirit that the photography hobby will be revived. Now, back to the story about the party.

The food was great! The boy's parents wanted to make sure that the guests were equally satisfied so they had "American" food on one table and Mexican food on the other. You don't even have to take long to guess which table I headed to. Yes, you're right. I headed to the table with the rice, carne polaca (it was a dish with cabbage, chipotle peppers, beef and chicken - usually it's pork, but not this time), refried beans, mole chicken.... Most of the kids ate the pizza (of course), little sandwiches, and potato chips.

There was so much food too. Everytime a new guest arrived, a new dish was placed on the table. If we (adults) were smart, we would have been on that merry-go-round and running around like the kids were in between each serving. Man, those kids have high energy! It seemed like by the time I finished one serving of one item (and admittedly, I eat slow), all the kids had two bites of a hot dog and were outside again running around and yelling and smiling. You know, being kids.

When the kids came in (to the little club building) to play games, they played "Musical Chairs" which is always fun to watch. They also played a game that I wasn't familiar with. It's is sort of like musical chairs, but someone calls out a number and that number of kids tries to hug each other. The one that can't get into the hug is out. The number always decreases until there are two winners. That was hilarious too. All these kids hugged up to get a prize! Then there was a balloon popping game. I don't think the kids cared about a prize there - just getting able to pop a balloon without a parent telling you to stop was prize enough.

Somewhere in the time frame that I was at this party a little yellow duck piƱata was hung from a tree and the kids tried so hard to break it. I mean, they really tried hard, but some of them were so tiny that they didn't have the arm strength to break that thing. Tap Tap Tap was all I heard for a while, until finally a bigger kid whacked that thing so hard and all the candies came flying out. Then the kids ran back to that merry-go-round.

I was at the party for at least three hours I know and the actual birthday cake had yet to be served and the presents hadn't been open, but that didn't stop me from getting about 150 pictures and it didn't stop me from enjoying myself.

One of my friends went to this party with me. She is from Brazil. As we all talked she told us how many times when children are born, the parents, family, and friends start celebrating the life of that child from the moment that the announcement is made that the mother is pregnant. She said she's been to celebrations for when the baby was one month in the womb, two months, three months, and so on until the actual delivery. Then after the child is born, their life continues to be celebrated by a host of family and friends. There are sometimes more adults than children at these celebrations because they too are just celebrating life.

Celebrating life. That will probably put a whole new spin on birthdays for me. Why mope around on that special day or have a mid-life crisis because you hit a magical number? Just celebrate life and be grateful to God to be here.

Celebrate life. :-)


  1. I loved your post, Libby.:D and that idea about celebrating life is wonderful! we should ALL celebrate EVERYDAY, dontchathink? :D

  2. I love your post too!
    Sometimes we have to be reminded that we should celebrate life, because life is AWESOME!
    Nice of you for taking pictures for them, I am sure they will appreciate it.

  3. Thanks, CT and Alessandra! :-)


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