Brown Beanie - Complete

I paused for a minute on the poncho just because I'm still unsure about making such a thick poncho this time of year. Already it's been 78* and higher the past few days, so thick is out. I'm still trying my hand at the beanie hats and I decided to make one of the beginner patterns that I had stored on my computer. It was a really quick project. This time the hat is a little long for my head. I think I will delete about two of the repeated rows if I make this for myself. I have a really cute olive green and brown skirt that inspired me to put these colors together, so maybe I will take out two rows so that I can wear this hat for myself.

All of the yarn used in this project is from the yarn stash - leftovers from other projects. The original pattern calls for much thicker yarn, yarn that would be worn in the dead of winter. Also the flower in the original pattern is felted. I just used an acrylic yarn and did not felt the flower. I think I like the flower the most!

Well, I really should be in bed now since we just lost an hour to Daylight Savings Time....


  1. The beanie is so cute! The flower is FAB also. I'm going to have to find a pattern to fit the girls and make one for them. Very nice job Libby! :)

    I thought it was pretty neat that you are from NC. I was born near Greenwood, SC and grew up there half my life. I really want to go back one day soon to see what things are like now. Relatives tell me things have really changed from what I remember. Maybe too much for this country girl that lived on the lake. :) Someone started talking about boiled peanuts the other day and it reminded me of when I was little. Good times!


  2. As I said on flickr, it is really beautiful. Brown and green! And a wonderful big flower on the side. I really love it :-)

    ps: for you or for selling?

  3. Thanks, Kar. SC borders where I live in NC so I know all about the boiled peanuts, although I'm not a fan. I'm not really into nuts - almonds, that's about it. But people eat them fried, roasted, and boiled. Ever had a collard sandwich?

    Alhana, this one will be for me. I have the perfect outfit that I can't wait to wear with it when the weather stabilizes some. I believe I'll be making more. Today I bought some pin backs so I can attach the flowers that way. I've thought about making some flower pins to give away on Mother's Day so I can use the pins for that too.

  4. Flower pins are a great idea!

  5. Your flower hat is cute, too! Thanks for the kind comments over on my blog.

    Have a Wonderful Day!


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