Being ProActive - Getting Rid of the Stash

Last night I couldn't sleep well, so I did some crocheting and then something hit me like a whirlwind! I decided in the wee hours of the morning that I couldn't stand having anymore of that yarn stash that I have - all these yarns bought that have been leftover from past projects or quit projects. I decided in the wee hours of this morning that I had to de-stash.

I went in the guest room, where I keep the yarns on the other side of the bed. I never have guests and no one sees that yarn either, so that's why I keep stuff there. Anyways, I sorted ALL of the yarn. It's amazing, I could almost remember every project used with the leftover yarns. I made piles based on brand name and texture. Then, as I still was not able to sleep, although I was quite sleepy, I started thinking of projects that MUST be made with those yarns before I do any major work, well, besides that poncho I owe my coworker. I do need to get started on that.

I printed out some patterns that I would like to make and placed them on top of the particular yarn piles as a reminder to myself. I hope that I don't sound a little OCD, but I really would like to live clutter-free. It seems I can do that in every room of the house, except those in the back where I have all my things that match my interests, so this is the only way I know how to move on, so to speak.

I promise to let you know how this de-stashing project is going. I will tell you that I've been working on an afghan in a very fall-winter color scheme and I started another one of those lacey caps in pistachio green left from that last baby blanket I made for my cousin.

* Oh, I brought my tape measure to church and measured two kids' heads to see if I can get a handle on making the proper size caps.

Here's the afghan I'm working on. I'm at the point where I will change colors now.


  1. good job!!!
    wonderful that you are going to work on new projects, I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. Hi, I am a new visitor, I just dropped over from just be happy. And look there she is.:) You seem to be a busy bee, i looked at some of your crochet projects, I especially liked the pink poncho. Please drop by and give me a quick visit I would love to see you.


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