Another Hat to the Pile and more....

Seriously, you guys should see my guest bed. Right now I'm a little scared to show you because I can't see the cover. It's covered in mini piles of yarn on most ends and the other parts have stacks of things I've been making for -.

Well today I made another beanie. This one is white with 3 royal blue stripes. I'm trying so hard to get rid of that Red Heart yarn. (Nothing against you Red Heart fans, but since that's the only yarn I knew about for so long, I have lots of it. Now that I'm learning more about different yarns, I realize that there's more to life than Red Heart.) I can make a beanie within an hour and so right now that seems to be the quickest way to destash the Red Heart pile. I'm saving some of the green, red, and white because I have two students who would like me to make them a small blanket to represent the Mexican flag - or at least the colors.

I think I mentioned that in an earlier post. I told my students at school that I would make them one item for the end of the year, but the deal is that all work must be completed for the entire year and they must show effort on their annual exam. These are fifth graders so they can handle this. Plus I only have 15 students - 5 have moved away!!! Anyways, they wrote down what they wanted - most wanted a beanie; that's why I'm practicing making them in different styles and sizes. One wanted a crocheted rose, one wanted gloves??? ("for next winter," he said) and two wanted a Mexican flag blanket. I'm thinking more of a lapghan, than a blanket. Tomorrow the kids will be sized for their beanies.


After work, I went to the post office and I was glad to see my next package of the traveling scarf. Now on this piece, two people have worked on it. I will be the third. I'm really impressed by the yarn selection and the patterns that have been chosen. I will have to refer to my little stitch book to see what will go with this. I think that I will have a much better time adding to this scarf than I did to the last one because the final row of stitches is a chain instead of loops. Wish me well!

I love that top stitch especially! How beautiful!!!


  1. Oh my, look at you just cruising!
    I wish I had a teacher like you...

  2. Wow Libby! Your hook is on fire girl! What a nice thing to do for your students. They will remember you forever. :)

    The scarf looks really nice. Can't wait to see what you add to it. Anticipation is awful!! :)



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