Another Hat Down, And the Stash Increases...


You know I've been on a mission to use up all of my old yarn stash before venturing out to purchase new yarns. But it seems that even though I'm managing to create things out of my stash, somehow a new Michael's bag or a new small skein of yarn enters into the stash. Am I just spinning wheels?

Well, I started this hat in the doctor's office today and thought it would be a shame not to finish it before bedtime. So I've used up some of that Red Heart yarn that I'm so desperately trying to rid myself of. But, I must admit that I finally found the right shade and texture of yarn to make that other Easter baby poncho that my co-worker requested. That will be my next project. Maybe I'll do a couple of rows of that tonight, but I really should get a descent night's sleep for a change.

~ From the "Trying to be a reformed Night Owl" ~

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  1. thank you for the msg you left.
    baby Lucas is a blessing!!!


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