Another Celebration of Life

Today, in spite of the rain, I went to another Latina birthday party. This time without my camera because I didn't know the family; I was just going with a friend of mine. This time the party was for a 5 year old girl.

I don't know if it was because of the rain, but the party was indoors. The family was so nice and I had the opportunity to practice a little more Spanish, although most of what I heard was too fast for my brain. :-) When we arrived, the first family that was coming too was actually a family that I knew. I tell you, we just keep running into each other at these events. I was glad to see them because I have taught three of their four sons (the youngest son is only three, so we'll see for later). Their oldest son is graduating and recently was awarded the same teaching scholarship that I had to attend college. You could hear the pride in their voice to have a son who is the first to attend a university. I also felt good to know that one more student is furthering his education.

When we all got inside, we realized that we were early although we were actually late (according to the invitation time). I knew that I could have waited longer before coming, but my friend likes to operate on standard time (in as much as possible).

The food was great! Beef and rice with homemade corn tortillas. Very simple, but very flavorful. We went on and ate, even though the birthday girl had yet to arrive to her party. You know where she was? At the hairdresser. :-) By the time that she arrived, we had already eaten some of her birthday cake. To be honest, there were two cakes, so we were eating one of the tiers of her cake. It was so good and moist. I don't know the official name for this cake, so I will try to describe it. It is a very moist white layer cake. In between the layers, there is some icing and fresh fruit - peaches. Then the two layers are iced and decorated. Neither the icing nor the cake is very sweet, and the icing seems to be whipped so it is very light. Oh, for another piece of that cake.

We stayed for a little while longer and then left because it was starting to get dark and more people had started to arrive. I really like learning about other cultures and my hope is that my Spanish will improve enough so that I can effectively communicate in any setting. (Just don't hold your breath. It might take a while!)


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