30 Days

I went to the doctor today and she said, "you're in good health, but I'm giving you 30 days to keep track of this one area. Manage your stress levels and start back exercising. That could only help. Other than that, it's just genetic and I'll have to put you on medication." WOW.

So, here we are again, about to start on a very specific health kick. I will try hard not to have that "New Years Resolution" syndrome where you try to do everything at once. I will sit down a little later and figure up a workable plan based on my needs.

My first area of target is to include fruits in my "diet". And not just any fruits, but fruits that have a specific purpose. I've been doing a little research on superfoods and benefits of certain fruits. One of the reasons that I generally don't eat fruit is because I like only certain ones at specific times and usually it goes bad or gets overripe. But I've now discovered juicing, so I think that will be a good way for me to go. So after my appointment, I stopped by the grocery store. Good thing they were having a sale on much of the fruit. Sadly, they didn't have any papaya.

I purchased a pineapple, some lemons, mangos, strawberries, a canteloupe, and a piece of ginger root. Let the juicing begin! I also have to start back with walking/jogging. I guess I use the same program as before: "The Couch to 5K running plan."


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