At the end of last month, a colleague hinted that she would like for me to make her baby granddaughter a wrap of some kind for Easter. I never committed myself because I was wondering at the time, how will I get this done? what type of wrap-that's so general? That's what I get for crocheting in public.

Anyways, even though I haven't committed myself, I started searching for patterns online and looking for some cute ideas that I thought I might be able to make. I finally settled on this baby poncho when I saw one that was made using the same pattern that I had but in a different yarn choice - Bernat Softee Baby.

I had one skein of that yarn in my stash - but only in a soft yellow. Since the colleague never mentioned a color choice and I won't see her again until later this month, I thought I might make a sample poncho and see how she likes it. If she wants a specific color, then at least I'll have an extra poncho and I'll know that I can make this pattern again.

So, here's a piece of the poncho that I'm working on now. You basically make two pieces and then stitch them together. I'm planning on making some floral embellishments once the basic poncho is done. If the edges look unfinished, I may attempt to add an edging, but not if it clashes with the embellishments. I don't want it to look to busy.


  1. 2 rectangles right?
    I have a couple of ponchos like that, but mine are knitted and I love them! I didn't make it, it was made by my sister's mother-in-law.
    Lucky your co-worker to have you!

  2. How nice people see you crocheting and ask for something instead of sneering at you and make remarks as 'look at her! what's she doing?? ha! that's what my grandmother used to do, how lame'... That's what usually happens to me. Lovely friends, uh? That's why I never crochet in public :-(

    I've tried to make a poncho only once, for one of my dolls, and it was knitted (very difficult for me). Let's see yours and maybe I'll make another one... for me!


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