One of my colleagues asked me to consider making her baby granddaughter a shawl or wrap (she wasn't specific) for Easter. I never committed, but I did start on a baby poncho. Today I finished the second piece and took out half of the first piece because I could see some mistakes that were more obvious to me once I completed the second piece to the poncho. I had to take it out because it made the first piece of the poncho look like it was really my first attempt. lol

Anyways, I'm played around with the pieces to see how to stitch them together. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Then at some point I'll work on some decorative flowers to adorn this poncho. I think I will like this pattern.


  1. Well, that is the one problem that I have: sizing!
    For the shrugs I have posted, I used the manequim as a guide, so I am guessing they are size small or medium. I'll have to get my friend Leda to come over and try them on, it seems to me that they will fit her perfectly and that way I can put the exact size, just by asking her what she wears...
    Once I made a cardigan for my mother-in-law and used my husband as a guide, it was so funny to see him trying on a pink cardigan... lol... in the end it worked just fine!

  2. I don't know, but I guess I could measure it.
    I'm waiting for Spring to start, before I create new listings for my etsy shop.
    I've been in work mode, I want to have some stuff to keep the shop moving along while I'm taking care of the baby for the first month and not able to crochet very much - trying to be prepared.
    I'm also thinking about having a huge sale, since it's almost the end of the season and also because it will be my shop's first anniversary next month. We'll see...


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