WIP - Baby Poncho

I finished stitching together this baby poncho on yesterday, but I've been toiling with some ideas of how to embellish it. Since I'm new to this area of crochet, I don't have a lot of ideas and patterns in my repertoire. You don't know how much time I've spent just searching for flower patterns.

Anways, I found a simple pattern that I modified for the little flowers (actually it's just the first round of another rose pattern) and a pattern for the center flower that I found in this month's issue of Crochet Today! magazine. I took some suggestions and now I have arranged the flowers in two ways. I just need some help making up my mind because someone at work saw this poncho and now wants one in pink for her niece.

Suggestions welcomed:

* Update: I added the bottom mosaic, per suggestion.


  1. I like the 3 flowers option. :o)
    I also think you should put a scalloped edge, or a picot edge to match the flowers.

  2. I looked into some edging options. I think I may try a shell - let me see if I can work two colors. Thanks for the suggestions. :-)


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