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Today I made a couple of online purchases. One reason I believe I felt compelled to do so today is because I was supposed to go out of town today and just didn't have the strength nor will power to do so, plus my dad's in the hospital as of today. The other reason is because I really don't like shopping that much and I get disappointed when I go to craft stores and the supply is limited. For instance, they don't have the one color I'm looking for. That pushes me more to shop online.

So first I made a purchase from justbehappy.etsy.com's shop. I purchased 3 neckwarmers. The mustard yellow one for me, the mink brown for my mom, and the other one perhaps for a gift. My mom is adament that keeping her neck covered, especially when she feels cold drafts will keep her well, better. I think she'll really like this neckwarmer.

The other online purchase I made today was through Joann.com. They were having a sale on yarn and also offering free shipping for a $25 purchase, so thereagain, I decided to stake my mark. I didn't go overboard, but I did purchase what I felt was absolutely necessary. I purchased some Vanna Baby yarn for the next poncho and a couple of others for some in the future. The rest of the yarn I purchased was 100% cotton. I'm thinking of making some dish cloth sets.

Yesterday I planned on paper a way to sell some signature items, like the poncho and some others that I probably like enough to make in abundance. One of my coworkers told me about a lady who sold the huge flags on the weekends and made enough money to buy a beach house. All I can say is, "WOW!" Let me be clear: I do not have an interest in such. I'm just excited to be able to make something that I enjoy that others can enjoy as well. And by the grace of God, I will be able to do it. That's why I needed to purchase the right kinds of yarn. :-)


  1. I'd love to shop online from a place as loveley as Joann.com but they don't ship overseas and there's no Spanish shop available. I always have to go to the same yarn store in town which offers just their brand yarn and nothing else. And they don't sell happy buttons!

    Hope your dad is fine.

  2. Thank you. My dad may be able to get out today. We'll see.

    Are there other online shops available to you, besides JoAnn? In Europe? Sounds like you might have to participate in a yarn swap. Just let me know. :-)

  3. wooh hoo!!!!!!! I belive that online shopping rocks! no crowds, no annoying overzealous salesperson wanting you to buy stuff you don't need... on the other hand... it is TOO easy... I tend to go over the top and buy a whole bunch of stuff. It is harder when your cart isn't heavy or full and pouring over the sides! thanks for your comment on my post!

  4. Well, I am thankful that you decided to shop online.

    Lately, I have been using the money I make selling stuff on my etsy shop to buy things for the baby. I bought a bouncer chair, changing pad cover, onesies... so it's just wonderful!

    There is a Joanns 10 minutes from where I live, so I go there every time I need something.

    But hey, that idea of a yarn exchange is great, we should trade with people from other countries, so we get different yarn. I think my sister will bring me some from Brazil - I'm looking forward to that!


  5. I've never heard until now of yarn swap! I've seen people in flickr make all kinds of swaps (souvenirs, toys...) but not yarn. Sounds interesting!

  6. My dad got out of the hospital yesterday and he's feeling much better. He wasn't taking his medication properly.

    Somewhere online I did see something about yarn swapping. Oh yeah, it was on Ravelry! I also saw someone on Flickr swap a product she made for some yarn she wanted that was hand-dyed. I guess the guy really wanted the blanket instead. :-)


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