My Time at Michael's

I took a day off of work today because I had an out-of-town appointment. Since Michael's is around the corner from the doctor's office and I had a 40% off coupon in my bag, I had to stop. I'm glad I brought my traveling scarf piece with me to see if I could match a yarn. My main purpose was to get a glimpse of the different yarn styles and colors available, but to only purchase some small decorative buttons for the coin purses, to purchase a yarn to match the traveling scarf, and to purchase a yarn to make the embellishments for the poncho.

I saw some really cute buttons that gave me some ideas for the future, but I used my self-control and purchased only one small bag of buttons. I also found a worsted weight wool yarn that matched the traveling scarf piece. I don't like wool, but the yarn used in the scarf was part wool, acrylic, and vicrose (whatever that is). The only yarn that could match that bluish color I saw in there was a yarn with wool in it. The lady who sent this scarf piece to me uses wool a lot. I will definitely make a note in the book that wool is used because one person has just recenly admitted that she is allergic to wool and doesn't want any wool in her scarf. She better wear clothes when adding to this one then. I sent a similar note out about my scarf as well. :-)

I purchased one skein of verigated yarn in pastel colors to use on the flowers. I may even add that turquoise color to them to make them stand out some, but my main concern is just finishing the poncho pieces. I finished one and started on the other one in the doctor's office.


  1. I think 'vicrose' is just a misspelling for viscose :D

  2. Thanks. That would be my fault. Now I need to find out what viscose is. :-D

  3. viscose is soft and light, good for summer!
    don't you just love all the button variety that they have at michaels? I absolutely love it!!!


  4. Yes, I saw all kinds of buttons, it was giving me too many ideas so I had to blink my eyes and change aisles! lol

    It's funny how you get involved in certain areas. This passion I have now for crocheting is just like the one I had in the summer/fall for photography. I used to have to close my eyes from time-to-time because I was beginning to "see" photographs everywhere. I would say, "Oh, that would make a gorgeous picture" even when I didn't have my camera. It was great and distracting at the same time.

    Even though my love for photography hasn't gone away, it has definitely taken a back seat to crocheting for now.


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