My Contribution to the Traveling Scarf

This traveling scarf has been a real challenge. The person before me stitched such a lovely shell pattern, but the problem for me has been how to attach to her scarf. The last row of chains is flimsy because it thinks it will be supported by more shells, but it isn't because it's time for me to add a different design and yarn.

I have tried many things but with the odd amount of chains the stitches would either not be enough or too much, so I finally decided on making a separate square and sewing it together. I found a yarn that is the most compatible that I can find here - a worsted one with some wool in it to match the preexisting yarn. I also tried to pick up this blueish/purple color that I saw in the variegated yarn she chose. The end result I must admit that I'm not too thrilled about.

My only consolation right now is knowing that someone else will stitch behind me and maybe they can help pull it together by possibly picking up that shade of green or choosing a better stitch. I hope that I have helped them by giving them an even row of chains to attach to. If this were my scarf, when I got it back I think I would add a single rows of scs around the border of the scarf to make sure it remains straight and not lopsided. Does that make sense?

I wonder what the challenge will be on the next scarf and I wonder what the next crafter is thinking about mine! :-)
You know I still may try to figure out how to make it look like those pieces fit better together. Maybe if I try to tighten up those two gaps at the end that will help....In the meantime, I'll write my entry in her book and get ready for shipping on March 1.


  1. Well, there isn't much you could do... I think the blue goes well with green.
    How many scarves will you receive to add pieces to?


  2. Thanks much for becoming a follower, adding a link to your page and sharing with me what you want to be when you grow up. i'm still not sure what that means...oh well.
    You are the official "HOUSEWOMAN".
    i think you should have t-shirts, hats, mousepads and all sorts of stuff printed with that logo. now that is how you can work from home.
    Libby, you are great...i'm happy you are a follower.!!! You are entered in the $100 drawing. Good luck!!

  3. If everything works out, I'm going to make that tilapia dinner tonight.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe - I'm very excited.

  4. I didn't paint anything on the tin, it's solid and simple.
    I didn't want to go too far... it already took me so long to make them.


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