More Surprises to Make My Day

After a long day of work and an even longer day due to after-school tutoring, I came home to two very nice surprises.

As I plundered through the mail, I noticed a nice package from justbehappy. Yeah, my neckwarmers were here!!! My mom was so surprised. She was like, "I never knew I would get something like this. When did you order this?" And she was grinning the whole time. Thanks, Alessandra! Um, the brown one is missing because my mom already has it around her neck! :-)

The other surprise was from my workshop team that I work with. We get together and learn more about the curriculum and create a set of activities for teachers to use in their classrooms...It's a great experience, but really intense at times. This weekend I wasn't feeling my best, stressed too, and my dad was in the hospital so I got permission not to attend and I submitted my work online.

Lo and behold, in the mail today was a lovely card from all of them, letting me know that they were thinking of me and missing me. Very touching.


  1. I hope you like the little tissue holder, I don't have much experience sewing, but I thought those were cute.

    Hope your dad is getting better.


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