Making Small Purchases

I had to go to Wal-Mart today so I perused the craft section. I looked at yarn, picked up some yarn, put back yarn, looked at yarn, and then finally decided to just say, "No!" One reason is for the practice of self-control. If not, I will have a yarn stash as big as my fabric stash. A long time ago I put myself on fabric restriction. And yet, I still have bins of fabric! One day...One day....

This time, I'm determined to buy as I need. Sometimes our eyes are bigger than our pocketbooks (and all of this month's bills aren't paid yet). :-) So, to self control!

I did, however, purchase a beginner stitch book. There are 19 different stitches in there. I'm hoping that this small purchase will increase my ability to create new things and to add something interesting to the traveling scarves that will be coming my way in the upcoming months.

The other small purchase was a crochet magazine. I almost never buy those, but every once in a while, I decide to treat myself to a specialty magazine, whether it is food, decorating, or crafting.


  1. Congrats on controlling yourself! I know it's difficult when you see so many pretty things at stores -I also have my own almost-big yarn stash under my bed...

    And congrats again, this time for your purchase. This kind of books is always useful: when you've run out of ideas, when you're having problems with a pattern... Let's see what are you learning from it!

  2. I do the same thing - buy as I need.
    I know its hard, but I also don't have the money or enough space to store a whole bunch of yarn.
    Magazines are great, I buy them in Brazil every time I go there to visit my family, I find it easier for me to read the patterns in Portuguese.
    Here in the US, I get crochet books from the library... :o)
    I didn't know you sew, you should post some pictures of things you have made.


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