Lacey Rose Cap - Complete


You know I'm really liking making things for the little ones. I don't have kids, I am not surrounded with friends with kids, and there are none in my neighborhood that I really know, so what's the deal. Ahhh, I think I've figured it out. I think it's the instant gratification. When I make items for the little ones, I can try a new pattern and be finished within a day (for the most part) and if I like it, I can quickly make another. The same is not true for big people items! At any rate, I'm having fun trying new patterns each stitch. Now I need to see if I can borrow my friend's kid (who doesn't live in my neighborhood) to see if she can try on this hat. I like this lacey cap. The little girl is a beautiful, busy, really-redheaded 3 year old. Her daddy has some strong genes (also a redhead)! If she can wear it, then she can have it. I'm crossing my fingers.


  1. I love the lace too, it's so pretty!
    I had to borrow my husband's cousin's kid to try a hat on too...LOL
    I drove 30 minutes away to meet them at a Starbucks and try the hats on... hehehe, I'm glad I did, because they were too snug!

  2. Michelle Catherine WalkerSunday, March 01, 2009

    I can't make anything that amazing! I stopped over from CT's blog. All this craftiness is making me jealous!!!


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