Fiesta Meadow Scarf

I made a new scarf today. It was a really simple design. I used Red Heart's Fiesta yarn in the meadow color. I thought I would make something with a subtle yarn.

I saw a couple of other fiesta colors, but I think all yarns can be beautiful if the right object is made with it, so I probably won't purchase that yarn again unless I have a specific pattern in mind.

The good thing about yarns with multi-colors is that it can be easy to match with hats - just choose a color in the yarn.


  1. that is pretty much the design I make when I add ribbon or a thicker yarn and weave it in.
    Maybe when you are tired of the looks of this scarf, you can weave in a different yarn and you'll have a completely different look.

  2. love, love, love that chocker!]I'll for sure try to make one and see if mine turns out as cute as the one in the picture.
    Maybe tomorrow... we'll see.


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