Chenille Change Purse


Today, I rode to church with another family and since we were traveling to a church in the bordering state, I decided to bring some yarn along with me. Yesterday I found a small skein of purple chenille yarn for $1.00 at a discount store, so I couldn't resist. I've never used chenille yarn before, but I thought I'd give it a try on a little purse.

The first few stitches took some getting used to, but soon I was able to find my way and create this little purse. Sadly, I don't have a ready supply of cute buttons, so I just placed this white button from the "extra" one that came with a recent sweater purchase. When I get some time, I'll go looking for some cute buttons. Sadly, Walmart has gotten rid of their entire fabric section so I'm hoping that that doesn't include buttons. If I can't find some there, I'll have to wait til I go to a big city and try looking at A.C. Moore's or JoAnn's.

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  1. At Michaels here, they have bags of assorted buttons.
    I love buying those, because of the selection, lots of colors, shapes and sizes....



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