The Beenie is Complete

Just now I finished the turquoise beenie cap I started last night. I stopped it at 6" long because to go any longer would cause the cap to cover the ears. I don't think a beenie is supposed to do that. I that I will save this first project for myself to wear because I'm unsure of how it's supposed to fit.

I was browsing through some Flickr photos earlier tonight, and I saw this picture of a beenie pattern booklet. The wear on the booklet made it look a little vintage, but the style of the cap is very modern so I'm not sure how current this magazine is:

Because the yarn I used is a different ply that the ones used for the toboggan pattern I modified, I don't think this would be a good pattern to use. The first 11 rows (the rows where you get the width of the top of the head) aren't as wide using this yarn. This causes this hat to be very snug to the head. Maybe a little too snug if your hair is loose. I refuse to be defeated. I will keep looking for my perfect pattern. I hope I don't sound too type-A, but I believe that if you make something for someone, especially if you sell it, it should be your best work.

Here's my hat. I will wear it in the spring.


  1. I don't use any patterns for the beenie hats I make, I try them on as I go... maybe you should try that, but if I come across any pattern, I'll make sure to send it your way.
    By the way, I really like that blue. Is it Caron Simply Soft?


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