The Beanie Fits.

When I was in college, I wore headwraps almost everyday for two or three years. I had that much fabric! Some thought I was being eccentric, some thought I had changed my faith, and some thought I was imitating Erykah Badu, eventhough I never wore wraps that large. I guess it was because she was popular at the time I decided to go natural and wear headwraps and all. But the reality was, I was just exploring my heritage and I happened to LOVE hats and head coverings. I like the way they frame your face.

This year I've worn a hat almost every single day at work and even on most weekends. So far no one in authority has said anything to me, so I might make the whole year doing it. My students think I'm being classy. Especially when I wear berets. "She's so French," they say. [Keep in mind, they're only around 10 years old.] That was in the winter when I wore wool berets/tams. I was just trying to keep from being sick.

Now that spring is approaching, I've got to find some new hats and new hat styles. I think this beanie will be one of my choices. As requested, Alhana, I have tried on one of my hats! Just for you! :-)


  1. So cute! Hats really suit you (or do you suit them?) ;-)

    I also like hats but here nobody wears them and I feel ridiculous every time I try to go out wearing one because everybody stares at me. Anyway I collect them... to my mother's despair, who doesn't even understand why do I have so many if I never wear them!

    Thanks for posing. I asked because I didn't know you were selling them :-)

  2. Cute, cute, cute!

    You look good, I agree with Alhana.

    I didn't wear them this Winter, I think because I am pregnant and my face is so round... but I usually wear beanie hats made out of really thick yarn during the Winter season.


  3. well, it looks awesome! would love to see a photo of you wearing a headwrap...

    I love wearing hats too, but in THIS WEATHER??? NOT!!! (typed while watching sweat drops fall dangerously near the keyboard)

    you look very cute!

  4. I.

    Had not noticed the link!!!!! (smacks her forehead with her palm)

    Is that you in ALL photos? wow! those are SOOOO cool!!!!!

  5. To Alhana: I would love to see your hat stash. Dare to be different. Who cares if people stare. Someone else probably wants to rock their hat too, but just waiting on you to make the first move. lol :-)

    Oh, haven't sold any yet. Just thinking ahead. I want to make all my kids in my class one for the end of the year gift. Big dreams, I know.

    To JustbeHappy: Thanks!

    To CT: Don't feel dumb. Those were not me in the headwrap pictures. I just found a link in case some people weren't familiar with what they were. I do have some pictures of me in headwraps, but they are in film pictures. Maybe one day I'll show them. Tomorrow I'll be wearing one with an African caftan I made in celebration of Black History Month. Tomorrow's the last day. (I know I'm a procrastinator!) Maybe I'll take a picture with it on.


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