Another Dishcloth...

Earlier today, one of my Flickr contacts emailed me about a dishcloth pattern to try from Bernat. It was the "Granny Dishcloth" made with Bernat's Handicrafter Cotton Naturals. Of course I didn't have any of that on hand, but I had some cotton yarn left from that small skein of strawberry creme yarn that I bought yesterday.

I started out just trying to see if the pattern was simple to follow, but I ended up practically making the entire dishcloth. Now I will admit that the pattern calls for 8 rounds of stitches before the border, making a total of 9 rounds. I saw that my yarn was diminishing so I skipped the last two rounds of increase and went straight for the border. I managed to get to the last corner stitch on the last side of the dishcloth before running out of yarn. Now I'll either be forced to purchase one more skein of that yarn just to finish a few stitches or I'll take out one round so that finish the edging. You know what I'll end up doing... :-)

One thing I do like about this particular granny square is that "X" that is made on the cloth. The granny squares I was taught to make don't make this cool pattern.

I haven't forgotten about my obligation to the traveling scarf project, but I've been contemplating what design I will add. I've discovered that I will have to make a separate portion of the scarf and stitch it to the existing one, instead of attaching my yarn and stitching directly to the scarf.

At church tonight, someone (who shall remain nameless) slipped me one of their Granny square pattern books. It has 99 different types of granny squares. I quickly put it away so that I wouldn't be distracted in church, but #1 off the cover immediately caught my attention. I'll now have to see if it will look right on the traveling scarf!


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