Where's the Dinner?

Today I've learned a valuable lesson, and that is You Can't Depend on Getting Your Meals from Other Folks.

My mom made this really good neck-bone soup last night. If you just asked yourself, "What's a neckbone?" then you can't be from the South! lol When my mom makes soup she always makes a lot, but I forgot to factor in that my brother has been home for the holidays and the things we like to eat around here he can't get in the north where he lives. He considered himself making up for lost time. In that making up for lost time process, the soup got gone as well as the pan of chicken she baked the way my grandma does. Oh my.

Anyways, the newfound knowledge that the soup was gone has made me have to get in my own kitchen and cook without any earlier preparation. I always try to keep certain basic pantry/freezer items on hand, but since I've been working on not eating so much processed foods I have to look in the freezer for almost everything and almost everything must be made from scratch. That requires some prep time.

Since it's obvious that no one is going to feed me (you know that family of mine didn't even sound sympathetic when I said, "You mean the soup is gone, gone?"), I'm cooking right now.

I decided I have a taste for something a little Caribbean-like. No, it won't be totally authentic because I haven't taken the time to work on this style of food. I just enjoy it though. I'm making a fast version of curry chicken, rice and peas, and baking some sweet potatoes. I plan on having this for tomorrow's lunch at work too.

I'll blog again later when I have the chance about how this turns out and post pictures and recipes. I guess I better get a light snack while I wait and work....


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