An Update on My Goal

So yesterday I finished my work early and made time to crochet before bedtime. Lights were out at 11:30 P.M. So I did make my goal. My sleep wasn't as restful as I would have liked, but I'm figuring that my body has to make the necessary adjustments. I'm looking at it as, I'm doing something natural that feels unnatural because I've pushed through what was natural so many years ago! Got it? So in other words, going to sleep should be a natural process, but I've been a nightowl for so many years that staying up late is what my body now wants to do. Now I'm saying, "no! go to sleep early" and my body is rebelling some. There's always a struggle before a victory, so I will press on.

Recently I was reading an article about how every minute that your body can be asleep BEFORE midnight the better. Apparently our bodies weren't created to work at all hours of the night. My mom was reading a report about how people who work 3rd shift jobs tend to have more health problems because they are working when the body does not need to be.

Ever since I started this blog I can see the same struggles I've had reappear. My readers may not think I'm getting better at anything I tried to "fix", but I will say that since starting this blog I have become more aware of the weaknesses in my life and the need to have them hashed out. So the journey continues and I will continue to persevere until I do have a victory, no matter how small.

These are just a few things I've learned about myself since starting this blog:

1. I need to eat more.
2. I need to eat better.
3. I need to exercise - REGULARLY.
4. I need to get adequate sleep and rest. Apparently they're not the same.

* I did receive a lot of compliments from my co-workers when I was out jogging really early in the morning. I fell off the wagon when my jogging buddy got sick and then the cold weather hit. Recently one of my co-workers lent (without a certain return date) me her treadmill to help me get motivated during these colder days. I hope so because I long to get back to jogging outside and feeling wonderfully.


  1. I just wanted to state the following

    1. I need to STOP eating more because I eat too much.
    2. I need to eat better (I feel yah on this one)
    3. I need to exercise - REGULARLY. (Ditto)

    I can't figure out why it is so difficult to eat healthy and exercise. In my book a steamed dish of half cooked veggies will never be able to compete in taste and gained satiety when compared to mashed potatoes and gravy.


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