Traveling Scarf Project

I joined a new Group on Flickr about a week ago. One of the projects that I've committed myself to was that of the traveling scarf. My instructions were to start a scarf and make it 8" long. Then I write in a little notebook my name and why I chose the color and pattern. Afterwards, I mail both the scarf piece and notebook to the next person on the list. My scarf piece has to be mailed on February 1. Each month I will be adding to someone's scarf and mailing it on the first of the following month. When you get your scarf back in the fall it will have been stitched by people all around the country and we even have one international member so our scarf will travel overseas as well.

So, today after I finished my work work, I completed my scarf piece. I used a really simple stitch - the V stitch. I started my scarf with a chocolate brown color. I think it will be exciting to see what scarf pieces I will receive and what types of stitches I will have to add to match with whatever I am sent. Definitely an interesting challenge.

Here's my 8 inches:


  1. Oh I love this challenge! And having a scarf made by several people in other countries is also appealing!

    I don't know if I were able to do it every month -laziness always wins our little battle.

    Good luck with the project, I'll be looking for your updates :D

  2. I really wanted to become part of the traveling scarf, but then I realized that the scarf will start traveling on February 1st and I'll have my baby some time in March, so I didn't want to be the one who takes forever to mail other people's scarves...
    I hope more opportunities come up later, once everything is settled, I just would love to participate.



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