Today's Assessment

Since blogging about trying to go to bed earlier, I was asked if I felt better at work after having done so. At first I will admit that I saw no change. Maybe that's because I have pushed past the point of exhaustion for too long. However, today I will admit that I felt better than I have all week. Not a total improvement, but I do see a glimpse of hope.

I attended an out-of-town church service last night (and I will be attending the last night of it tonight) and even though I got home rather late and didn't end up going to bed until 12:30 A.M., I still felt as if I had had some rest. In fact, I slept almost the entire way to church and napped on the way back, so when I got home I didn't try to do anything to wake me up more. (Well, I'll admit, I did crochet - but only a couple of rows, then I stopped.) For the first time this week, as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was asleep. I wonder if that cup of Sleepy Time tea helped? I'm about to make me a cup now - not because I'm intending on going to sleep at 6:51 P.M., but to just relax. Herbal teas don't get enough props!


  1. YAY! Wasn't it ol' Ben Frank who said, "'Early to bed, early to rise' makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise"? So maybe along with feeling better comes some extra cash and smarts!


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