Tax Time

My treat to myself this morning....working on my taxes. Well, not really working on this as much as working towards working on them. I wasn't as organized this year as I usually am. Usually, I have every paper, receipt, form filed in the the appropriate category in an expandable file folder or in labeled manila envelopes. I don't know what happened to me this year, but I didn't do either, but I didn't throw away the papers. I put them in small piles that got bagged when I was sick of looking at them and then stored away so nobody could see. (Please don't try this at home.)

Today I started with one small pile, discarding, shredding, saving and filing the appropriate papers in the appropriate places. Good thing there's a movie on.

My goal: to beat my mom to the accountant's office. Every year we race to see who will be ready first. Even the accountant and his secretary know about this race. They egg us on. It's hilarious. Since I haven't heard my mom mentioning anything about taxes, I better be on the lookout. She might be doing a sneek attack and getting ready under my nose. I'll have to watch out for her...


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