Taupe Toboggan/Scarf Set


Today I finally made the matching taupe toboggan to accompany the chunky twist taupe and white scarf I made last week. I've only made two hats - one beret and one purple toboggan (with a few mistakes) so I was determined to get the pattern right. It's really simple now that I could see where to connect for each new round of stitches. At first I used a stitch counter - actually I used a bobby pin for a stitch counter (such a versatile tool), but then as I could tell where the rounds ended without having to count, I no longer had to use the bobby pin and making the hat was easy breezy! And, no mistakes. :-) [I really need to get a mannequin head - even if it's the Styrofoam kind so I can display the hats better.]


  1. cute, cute, cute!
    you're a busy bee too, getting all sorts of stuff done.

  2. A beautiful set! Are these for sale?

  3. This is going in the "for sale" pile. A very small pile, but a pile nonetheless. :-)


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