Syndee's Blanket is Complete

I'm so excited. I wish you could see the silly grin pasted on my face as I type this entry. The blanket I was making for my baby cousin, Sydnee is finally complete! There are two basic mistakes in the beginning rows of the blanket which account for some extra tightness, but I stretched those rows as best I could to make it even with the rest. Although I said that I wouldn't make this pattern again, I probably will. It was tedious, as I've mentioned earlier, due to the fact that the inside of the blanket consists of a repetition of 8 different rows of stitches so I had to keep looking at the pattern, but once I got the stitches down, it wasn't that difficult.

I can't wait to give this blanket to Syndee's mom later this month. I don't want to mail it and since I'll be in their city at the end of the month, I'll hand deliver it.
Thank you for taking this particular journey with me. Now on to the next project. I'm trying to decide if I want to try a sewing project or keep on crocheting. Humm.....


  1. What can I say! It turned out very pretty :) Sure Sydnee&mom are liking it a lot.

    About the next project, I don't know. I'll never choose sewing over crocheting as I don't sew, but I'm doing a bit of embroidery next and finish my place mats. Sometimes you need to alternate crochet with other things ;)

  2. I agree! I don't want to get "burn-out" from crocheting too much. I can't wait to see your finished projects! :-)


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