Sending My Scarf Off

In about 12 hours, my scarf will be on its way to Ohio to be stitched by a fellow crafter. I made the introductory entry in my little journal notebook today. I added my glittery stickers that I had from the days when I thought I would like to be a scrapbooker (NOT!) - digital scrapbooking is more my speed.

The scarf I have to add to is coming from out of the country so I probably won't get it until sometime later in February, depending on the mail system. It will be interesting just to figure out what kind of stitches and what color yarn to use to compliment what has already been done.

Here goes:
A larger version of this photo can be seen by clicking on the picture above. Much more readable. :-)


  1. You have beautiful hand writing!

    oh my, that must be so nice to have your mom working at the same school!

    I'm looking forward to see pictures of your traveling scarf when it comes back.


  2. I wonder what happened to my comment. I could have sworn I send it :/

    Oh well, I just wanted to say 'beautiful handwriting' too ;-)


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