The Purple Toboggan

Today I didn't have to go to work because it was snowing. We don't have the equipment in our state to get the roads cleared properly for buses so when it snows we're out. Don't worry, it rarely snows. Well, I got one of those telemated calls letting me know that we are off tomorrow as well. I had worked hard (after the inauguration was over) and I felt that I deserved to make something. So I started on a new pattern: a toboggan. It's been a while since I've worn one of those, but I wanted to see what it was like to actually make one.

If you remember, I put myself on a restraining order from any yarn store. I don't know how much longer I can hold out though because the more different projects I try the different types of yarn I need. (I know someone out there understands me.) :-)

Well, I used what yarn I had - the last little bit of the purple Homespun yarn I used to make that coin purse. I had just enough to make this hat. Hopefully I'll be able to go out sometime tomorrow and try this hat out. It sure is cold enough. Now it's 27 degrees. (My brother would scoff at that statement. He's in Michigan and when he phones in, he's like, "It's 7 degrees today." And he keeps his thermostat no higher than 68! But I digress.)

Now I have three items made from this yarn - a scarf from a while ago, the coin purse turned camera case, and now this toboggan. This is just proof that the more you work at crocheting and crocheting with different yarns the better you get. I say that because I put this yarn in the bottom of my pile after I made the scarf because I had such a hard time seeing my stitches. I'm not perfect, but it's getting better. Having the perfect size hook helps too. Maybe now I might tackle those jumbo size skeins of boucle yarn I bought back in November or so.


  1. I have to agree with you, the more you crochet, the better you get.
    Right now I am making a coat for a Barbie doll, to enter the fair contest this year.
    I'm planning ahead since I don't know how life is going to be after the baby comes.


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