My New Project


I'm done crocheting for the day. I've gotten a lot done in the intervals that I've been able to work, but there's still a ways to go. So far I have 11 inches done for the middle. The middle section is supposed to be 29 inches before the edging is put on.

This photograph isn't going to be the best because I have a hard time capturing white objects in snapshots, so you'll just have to imagine this yarn being white. Actually it's the yarn made by Bernat that has the shimmery string woven into the yarn. It makes it sparkle. :-)

Well, off to bed I go....


  1. Is that the baby yarn? If it is, I know which one you are talking about, it's beautiful and soft!
    I made a yellow blanket with that yarn before, which was donated to the hospital. :o)

  2. Yes, it's the baby yarn. We're probably talking about the same kind. So far I've seen it in solids (yellow, white, pink, blue, green) and in the variegated kind. It is soooo soft!


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