My Easter Egg Blanket

I'm calling this piece my Easter Egg blanket because I don't know what else to call it. I picked that name for this new baby blanket because of the pastel colors that I chose. You know they're my leftover yarns - rose pink, pistachio green, ivory, and pale yellow. I'm determined not to go yarn-buying until I have no other alternative.

Yesterday I decided to start another blanket. I didn't get much further than the foundation row because I was watching the movie "Pride" and it was so good that I didn't get any real crocheting done.

I may work some on it today, but I haven't been feeling well today and I still have lots of work stuff on my to-do list that if I wait until my real day off (tomorrow) to get it done, it won't really be a day off.

We'll see, but here's a picture of the WIP:

If I pace myself just right, I may be able to treat myself to mindless t.v. watching. Then I can crochet some. I'm not one of those skilled craftspeople who doesn't have to look at her work while crocheting. I admit, I look!


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