Moving Faster Than I Ever Have Before


Man, I don't really know what has come over me, but I've just really been feeling the urge to crochet lately. I do have to admit in part I believe that it's because of my addiction to Flickr. Up until this year on Flickr I've not been surrounded by people who share a love or even a small interest in crocheting. I was always one of those young adults who enjoyed being around my aunts or older people moreso than people my own age cousins at times. I think people my age always thought I was acting "matronly" because I enjoyed certain crafts. But no more. My Flickr contacts have revived that interest in perfecting or at least indulging in one's craft. So now, I'm no longer a closet-crocheter!

I've been working on this white baby blanket every free moment I can get this week. It's weird. I've been rushing home from work to get prepared for the next day of work, take a shower, and get to crocheting. It's been wonderful.

A few moments ago I finished the inside of this blanket. The only thing left is the edging process. The edging is what makes this blanket stand out a little from being just ordinary, but trust me, it won't be as intricate as the previous pink and green blanket.

Well, it's way past my "bedtime", but I couldn't wait to post this entry. Again, I apologize that the picture won't show this white blanket in the best light. I'll definitely work on improving that for when I post the finished blanket. Until then, here is the middle portion of this blanket:

Nighty Night!


  1. You know, I have felt that very same way... not many people that are my age do crafts, and I always felt like a grandma... but now, I think "who cares?!", as long as I am happy doing my crafts, that's all that matters.

    The blanket is looking great, by the way.

    Oh, I hope you come to visit your friend in Olympia some time, then we could meet at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, which is absolultey gorgeous!


  2. You know I share that feeling you're talking about. Flickr has been a great discovery for us shy crocheters!


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