Listen to Your Body Talk

So today was my first day back to work after a two week *vacation*. I wasn't exactly pumped to go back, actually I was kind of tired because my family and I had just gotten home from a New Year's family dinner at almost midnight. But when it's time to go back to work, there is a part of you that just knows and you do it. No questions asked.

When you're *vacationing* you're supposed to get rest, which I did, but I also spent a lot of time visiting people I rarely get to see (i.e. I'm just getting back from one of my friend's parents' house. I only get to see her once a year now.), hosting that game night (which was so much fun), I even gave a day to be with another friend's family because her father passed away the day after Christmas, and of course baking/cooking/baking. So you know, it's good to be available but it also exerts more energy.

At any rate, I go to work today and at lunchtime I drop by the post office to mail this surprise package to someone. As I swipe my debit card, a thought runs quickly through my brain - I don't think I can remember my pin number! I hoped that it wasn't true, but when the postmaster was like, "Ma'am, that's an invalid code" I knew I needed more rest. After I left I remembered - actually I had the right numbers but in the wrong order! lol

See these are just little signs that the body throws out to say, "Rest, why don't you!" If only we would all listen. I know someone whose sister was paralyzed, literally paralyzed from exhaustion. She was in the hospital for a little while. The doctor basically said that she was over exerting herself and since she wouldn't slow down and rest, her body just shut down for her own good. Isn't that oddly amazing?

With all this *knowledge* about how the body operates and needs rest, isn't it ironic that just at this moment I'm thinking of starting a small business! What is wrong with me? As if my other 3 jobs aren't enough! Those that know me outside of this cyberspace, if you see me with dark circles under the eyes, you'll know what's up. :-)


  1. 3 jobs and thinking about starting a small business and making your own kitchen and... I wish I were at least half of active!

  2. It's really too much. I teach, tutor, and do a little contract work - all dealing with teaching. That's why I'd like to start a small in-home business with my crafts because it's the other huge part of me that goes overlooked. I want to make use of it. One day I'm hoping to find my "path" so that I won't be stretched so thin...but until then I can at least say I tried those things. :-)


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