Knitting 101


You know by now that I am not a knitter. I'd love to learn though. Once I went on a retreat and someone there tried to show me. Those efforts resulted in a half-stitched scarf.

It's been a couple of years since that experience and I have tried to re-teach myself the process so that I could at least finish this scarf. Well, that hasn't happened.

About a week ago, my pastor's wife, the same lady from church who taught me how to crochet, mentioned that the local community college is offering a 6-week beginner's knitting course for only $25 or for free if you're at least 65. So you know I'm in! Then her daughter decided to enroll in the class too. That makes three of us. My schedule is really tight this time of year with teaching, tutoring after school, and doing some off and on-again weekend work, but I'm going to be as diligent as I can, working in advance when necessary, because I really want to take this course that starts the first week in February.

I'll be sure to blog about those experiences. In the meantime, I plan to keep on crocheting and soon do a little sewing. A friend of mine is into wearing mei tais now and I'd like to practice making those.

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  1. I am not much of a knitter myself... as far as knitting goes, I have only made scarves and a bear.
    By the way, that "mei tais" thing is awesome!!!
    You go girl!


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