If You're Vegetarian, Turn Your Head :-)

I'm trying to do better about eating my meals too far apart and about eating dinner too late at night. Preparation is the solution to that. Remember me last night, hungry and having to cook from scratch? That wasn't fun.

After last night's experience, I decided to go ahead and look in the freezer to see what I could prepare for tonight. I saw one lonely steak in there and quickly decided that it would be my source of protein tonight. I rarely crave steak, so I must be in need of some protein.

Not trying to waste any food, I looked in my stash of leftovers to see what to match with this meat. Shame on me, but I know that I'm supposed to have something green and leafy but again it won't happen tonight. I'll plan better tonight for tomorrow.

I decided to pan-fry my steak so it wouldn't take long. After I tenderized it by pounding it with the bottom of a candle (not burning, by the way) I seasoned it with "Sexy and Sassy", a spice blend I picked up on my spring trip to Charleston, SC. The lady said, "Put it on everything" so that's what I'm doing. It smelled like the right seasoning/taste for this steak so I tried it. As I try not to use that much salt, I didn't add any to the steak. I forgot that the seasoning blend, unlike most, didn't have any salt. But that's okay.

I reheated one of the papas rellenos (stuffed potatoes) from the fridge and some creamed corn. Too much starch right? Yeah, yeah. These problems can be easily fixed with a trip to the grocery store to restock my pantry/freezer with some missing, necessary items. Right now I'm just "piece-milling" it.

I realize now that I am addicted to snapping pictures of food. I got this shot right before I took the steak out of the oven...and no I didn't eat all of it...I never do!

I don't know all of what is stuffed inside these mashed potatoes, but I know that there is egg and hamburger meat. Delicious!

Well, I'm off to finishing yet another goal for my other job so that I can kick back and relax, watch some t.v. and do some crafting! (oops, I said I wouldn't mention that!) :-)


  1. I'm thinking about becoming a vegetarian because "I hate vegetables."

    That pan fried steak sure looks good. I see that I'm going to have to add an entry to my blog about how we prepare pork ribs. From creating our own seasoned dry rub from scratch, to preparing the meat to the slow smoking for 9 hours over hickory wood.

    If I post such a thing then I'll let you know.


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