Folks We Have a New President

I will just say that today history was made. Right here in the United States, the first African-American took the oath of the presidency. It was an emotional moment for me. Although I wasn't in D.C. standing out there in the cold, I could still feel the wave of emotions that swept across that field right as I was bundled up in my covers.

No matter what your choice was on your ballot back in November and no matter how you feel today, we all need to offer up many prayers for this man, President Barack Obama, as he takes on this awesome task of representing our country. My hope is that this country realizes that he is not the answer to our prayers, God is. And I hope that the country is patient as many decisions have to be made that will affect us all. No one human being can change the world in one day or in four years, but our new leader needs our support.

Have a great day!


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